One Million One Hundred Thousand Cruises

According to a posted by Scarlet Gilbert.

Julio Almonte affirms arrival of one million one hundred thousand cruisers has revolutionized the tourism in Dominican Republic.

Almonte said the one hundred thousand one hundred cruisers who visited the country last year, are apart from the six million that received by the different national airports during that period.

The official informed from Santo Domingo’s port, arrived seven hundred thousand cruisers; From Samana, sixty-eight thousand; from La Romana, four hundred seventy-eights thousand and from Puerto Plata, four hundred seventy-one thousand.

He proclaimed since October 6, 2015, when the cruise program started at the Amber Cove terminal in Maimon, Puerto Plata’s look with a different perspective.

He stressed concurrently with hotels still doing their job and no longer focus on attracting many tourists with low prices, they are focus on the quality, raise prices and rates to have productivity, giving good service.

He remembered in 2015 fifteen cruises were received, in 2016, 120 cruise ships arrived in Maimon, which carried 346 thousand cruise passengers and 123 thousand crew members, who used the services of 14 thousand taxis, 3 thousand buses, 1,518 safaris and 477 rent cars .

“Now there is a phenomenon, which forces Puerto Plata to reinvent itself, thinking we not only have cruise passengers, air and domestic tourists, but also a real estate market.

The Ministry of Tourism main official for the north coast announced the number of cruise passengers who visited the Dominican Republic in the Conversation on the Performance of the Destination Puerto Plata in 2016, held last Friday.

This event was held in the University Tecnológica de Santiago auditorium, precinct Puerto Plata, organized by the Dominican Association of Tourist Press (ADOMPRETUR), Puerto Plata branch.

The other orator of this event was the president of the local Chamber of Commerce and Production, Sixto Peralta, who spoke of the positive or negative impact of the good or bad state of the roads in the tourist flow towards a tourist destination.

In the activity, the hotelier Daniel Ferrá, the executive director of Playa Dorada, Manuel Finke, the Senator José Ignacio Paliza and the President of the Government of the Cuba Republic were invited to comment on the speeches of Julio Almonte and Sixto Peralta. Director of EL FARO newspaper, Augusto Vásquez.